Here’s what “our brew” can do for you

Display your menu online

Your menu is more than likely (in more cases than not) the sole purpose why anyone is viewing your website in the first place. It’s important to have it big, bold, prominent, and easily accessible from anywhere on your website. We have put together the perfect solution for displaying your coffee shop menu.

Systematize Googletools

Google offers web developers a plethora of powerful online tools to enhance your presence and give your users a more familiar experience while they navigate your website. We have dedicated the time to test each one and implement those which proved to be the most effective.

Layout upcoming events

We realize having an organized event calendar and a visible list upcoming dates for guests to browse through are an important and must-have detail for any coffee shop that is looking to stay on top of their game. We scraped the internet for the best possible tool and we have found it!

Consolidate your online reviews

Social proof is king! Online reviews are the first place people go when they are looking for a new place to go. Right now we’re sure all your online reviews are spread out among many different outlets including Google, Facebook, Bing, and Yelp. Having a central location for all your reviews is crucial as you don’t want to risk losing the one that might speak directly to your future guest.

Top Shelf Web Design. Small Business Price.

Get a great search-optimized website built just for you by our team of online marketing experts.
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Promote special deals

A special deal isn’t so special if nobody ever sees it! We strategically place ongoing promotions and numerous advertisement opportunities in prime locations throughout your website. It’s important to keep these locations minimal and as unintrusive to guests while still getting their attention.

Connect your social media

The more caffeine you have pumping through your veins, the more energy you have… right? The internet is no different in retrospect. The more chances at momentum your brand has, the higher probability it will be recolonized, respected, and remembered by your guests.  Without social media, you have less opportunity to obtain that very much needed social proof.

Improve search engine results

Obviously everyone who owns a coffee shop wants to be better than their competition (that’s good business 101), and being at the top of search engine results isn’t any different of a situation. Top-notch SEO isn’t something that just happens over night, you can’t just magically be better than the guy next door. Professional SEO takes time and needs to follow a set of very important principles.

And much, much more!

Newsletter integration, online merchandise sales, and automated reservation forms are a few of the additional tools we can offer your coffee shop website. We’re aware we might have missed that one detailed add-on you are looking for, however, be sure to tell us about it and we can work together to implement it.

New Feature Coming Soon

We’re building a portal specifically designed to link together coffee shops all throughout the United States where people can come together, connect with each other, enjoy some classic multi-player games, and much more! Join our mailing list to be notified when it’s ready.

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